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Ahnii and Boozhoo, we are excited to launch our first ever unisex clothing line for everyone. We wanted our apparel to be a story board that is about education, awareness and the importance of language preservation.

We want to share awesome quotes and powerful messages. We wanted to inspire and make you feel proud.

A Resurgence of Unisex Clothing:

Unisex allows men and women to explore different fashion options without worrying about the social consequences experienced by those in earlier generations.

Unisex has ushered in a new era for people to explore what gender and fashion really mean. Men and women, no longer bound by the strict gender roles of the 1950’s, can dress in ways more fitting to their personalities.

 Fact: We can not afford to make our own clothing line, but we can definitely design them. We only source items that are of premium quality and eco-friendly which consists of 100% cotton. As we develop this apparel line we will look at other material available and get the suggestions from our consumers.

Why you may ask?

Because that is the way we role. In all honesty it is part of our business model that consumers are number one and if you know Birch Bark we try and connect with everyone who contacts us even as we get bigger. We think customer service has been put to the way side with automation.

In addition, we make sure the products are produced responsibly and the manufacturing of items is lawful, ethical, and safe to the workers and environment.

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