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Ahnii, welcome to our new expansion of our website. There has been a lot of demand for Birch Bark Coffee to bring in more products. This year we took a leap of faith and decided to comb the world and find really cool things that we think you may like. 

We chose the title 'Lifestyle' well because these products are about our lifestyle and we wanted to bring things to you that had meaning behind them.

Ethical Shopping is growing and it is beginning to make a huge impact globally. Consumers are shifting the way they purchase and knowing where your products come from and being of the same mind with values and beliefs is extremely important. What are the impacts and are we supporting local and sustainable products is ever growing.

We decided this year to expand our store and begin sourcing products that are unique and are responsible. We also want to make sure the products are supporting the producers and they receive fair value. 

Please note that some of our products may take time to be made because some are handcrafted, but it's worth the wait.