Nbiish (water) is a sacred element that we have been blessed with upon mother earth.  Water is where life begins and why we exist today. As we continue to pollute our waters with contaminates, the water continues to struggle as it tries to purify itself. Water in so many ways is connected to our very existence, yet we forget water to be one of our greatest medicines.

It is a moral obligation for us to maintain a holistic balance of nurturing and respect for our Planet. It is our responsibility to educate people - on a global scale - the importance of our waters and the social impacts if we choose not to care. Water must be cherished and be given the freedom to purify itself and run clean.

If we continue to abuse our waters on a global scale we will lose it.


Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow

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3rd world like conditions within canada

2019 A.D.