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The 7 Grandfather Teachings Guiding Principles:

The Seven Grandfather teachings are a set of Anishinaabe guiding principles passed down from generation to generation to guide the Anishinaabe in living a good life in peace and without conflict.

The Story of how they came to be:

The Creator gave spirits known as the Seven Grandfathers the responsibility to watch over the Anishinaabe people. The Grandfathers sent a Messenger down to earth to find someone to communicate Anishinaabe values. After searching in all directions, the Messenger found a baby. The Seven Grandfathers instructed the Messenger to take the baby around the Earth for seven years to learn the Anishinaabe way of life. After their return, the Grandfathers gave the baby, now a young boy, seven teachings to share with the Anishinaabe people; love, respect, bravery, truth, honesty, humility, and wisdom

We are proud to bring you our teachings and the teachings our company holds close to our heart. We decided to create a t-shirt for each teaching because it reflects on how you feel that day and a reminder of what you will practice that day.

Collect all seven and show people your virtue for the day.