Indigenous Espresso Roast (12 oz) Whole Bean/Ground

The original inhabitants of Canada - First Nations, Métis and Inuit. They are the holders of language, knowledge, traditions, and beliefs. They have a special relationship to their traditional lands and understanding of the importance of a sustainable management of natural resources.

This blend contains dark roasted Honduran coffee from COMSA and a medium roasted, naturally-processed coffee from the Sidamo region of Ethiopian. Naturally-processed means the coffee is dried inside the fruit of the coffee tree which is the original way of drying coffee but not the way most coffees are processed in modern times. Typically, these days, the skin and flesh of the coffee fruit is completed stripped and washed away from the seed before it is dried and exported. Naturally-processed are typically very fruity, sweet, heavy in body, and moderate in acidity. This particular natural exhibits blueberry like flavours but is only blended in small quantities to increase sweetness, body, and a hint of fruit for a very special espresso experience. 

340 g / 12 oz

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