Coureurs Des Bois-Medium Roast (12oz) Save 10% when you order by the case (6-12 Oz bags in a case)

Métis are the people who traveled and opened the waterways across Turtle Island. They were the Wood Runners (Coureurs Des Bois), the voyageurs, the paddlers, intrepid explorers and translators.

A blend of Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffee.

The Ethiopian coffee is from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia from a co-op called Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union. The Union is comprised of over 200 different co-ops and represents over 200,000 farmer members. It is one of the largest coffee co-ops in the world. Ethiopian coffee has a pronounced, but sweet, acidity with a lot of citrus fruit, jasmine blossom and tea like qualities. It is one of the most unique-tasting coffees in the world. Coffee actually originated in the forests of Ethiopia.

Save 10% when you order by the case.


340 g / 12 Oz

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