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SPP Coffee Awards 2019

SPP Coffee Awards 2019

The SPP, Small Producers’ Symbol celebrated on Thursday April 11 the SPP Café Awards in the framework of SCA 2019.

  • 20 samples from SPP organizations from Latin America and Asia participated

Boston, MA, United States. April 25, 2019. SPP, the Small Producers’ Symbol celebrated the SPP Awards 2019, in the framework of the Global Specialty Coffee Expo. The event was held at the Boston Conventions & Exhibition Center.

Participating organizations that responded to the call sent green coffee samples to the offices of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative. Later, the samples were sent to Cooperative Coffees to be toasted.

Twenty samples from Perú, Ecuador, México, Colombia, Nicaragua, DR Congo, Burundi, Guatemala, Honduras and Indonesia. All from organizations certified with the Small Producers’ Symbol.

The cupping was carried out on Thursday April 11th, where professional cuppers and visitors could anonymously qualified the 10 samples previously selected.

Managers of Cooperative Coffees y Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative, were in charge of directing the tastings and systematizing both the qualifications given by professional tasters and the opinion of the general public.

The coffee award with the highest score was for the second consecutive year for CAC INCAHUASI from Peru, from Lucio Luque Vásquez of Nueva Esperanza organization in Amaybamba District of Incahuasi with a Bourbon variety. Followed by the coffee of COMSA, from Marcala, Honduras Oscar Omar Alonzo of Cual Bicicleta with a Geisha variety and in third place was the coffee of GLOBAL CAFES, from Cauca, Colombia, producer Victor Julio Yacue Penna of Pamplona with a Caturra-Colombia variety.

The SPP Coffee Awards recognize the quality of coffee from SPP-small producers’ organizations and show the capacity of these producers to compete internationally with supreme quality, sustainable, fair trade products, adding ethical value to the production-distribution chain.


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