Merchandise Display Unit - Fully stocked with 36 Bags of Coffee (Whole Bean)


Merchandise Display Unit free with order

We are excited to offer our Birch Bark Coffee Company Retail Display Stand.

Dimensions : 45.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 124.5 cm

Each display stand holds 36 (340 gram/12oz bags) of our awesome Birch Bark Coffee.

Wholesale orders are sold by the case. Each case holds 6 (340 gram/12oz bags) coffee bags.

The Merchandise Display Units come preassembled and ready to be shipped and they come fully stocked with whole beans or ground beans.


We are unable to mix whole bean coffee and ground bean coffee on the Merchandise Display Units when purchasing a unit(s).

We suggest ordering one display unit containing 36 ground beans and one display unit containing 36 whole beans.

However, if you can only accommodate one display unit in your store front, then we suggest ordering one unit and as the coffee flies of the shelf replenish it with your favourite customer requests and/or blends.

The stand will hold 36/12 oz bags of coffee.

Birch Bark Coffee Company understands the importance of shelf and floor space for vendors and retailers and we thought this would be a wonderful way to accommodate your needs.

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