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Handcrafted Pottery

In collaboration with Miche Ceramics, a local Artisan Potter, Michelle creates pieces from clay to table. Her focus is on quality functional pieces for you to enjoy. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Miche Ceramics and I immediately fell in love with her work.

Michelle has been commissioned to create unique pieces for Birch Bark Coffee Company Inc. Our pieces are exclusive to Birch Bark Coffee Company and we are introducing our new line of handcrafted mugs that now bring a personal touch. 

You can now have a mug that matches your favourite blend. You will find our mugs unique in that we did not want to promote visual branding so that you could not only display your mugs as a set, but you could take it where ever you went and not worry about having an image on the outside of your mug.

We decided to make it more personable and put it on the inside bottom of your mug so only you could see it when you reach that last sip of coffee. It would be a reminder of why you decided to buy our coffee in the first place. 

It was because of coffee and you wanting to make a difference.

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